Scream Issue December 1973

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Skywald Publications was a 1970s publisher of black-and-white comics magazines, primarily the horror anthologies Nightmare, Psycho, and Scream. It also published a small line of comic books and other magazines.

Skywald’s first publication was Nightmare #1 (Dec. 1970). The company lasted through the end of 1974 or early 1975, with Psycho #24 (March 1975) being its final publication. Nightmare published 23 issues and Scream put out 11 issues. Source.

Read online at your (p)leasure: Nightmare April 1974

In this edition:

The Weirdest classic 18-page tale of horror ever written – a tale of the tormented dead. And other weird stories – 274 pages for a little light reading.


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